Deep in the fecal scented fingers of gay cyberspace, lurks a monster against all Christian humanity. A monster with a thirst for male on male sin docking. A monster who has necromatic urges of dipping his love lure down their throats of willing and eager male slaves. A monster who dances in sugar plummed anal sin while singing show tunes and open mouth lip locks with satanic rainbow colored unicorns with foul and sinister mouths. This monster is called and it is lemon sprinkled with homogay community talk in the form of HTML tags like, femmephobia, blockophiles, body nazi, mezzy and mega douche and is layered with gay erotica that would make Elton John scream “QUEER!”

In this realm of internet, dwells the gayest of gay, the fistiest of fisters and most taint tickling turd tunneling horrors ever to be seen in .jpg format via high speed band widths. A land were DDF power bottoms can display their demonic urges to be “Kansas reversed pile driven” by a group of “cubs”, while dressed up in a Spiderman outfit. A cacophony of tough guy talk while wearing a Justin Bieber shirt with a matching fanny pack and faux hawk. A musky laced feces forest of P90X pectoral penile worshipers at their utmost unnatural fornicating gayness, who crave the open mud goblet of another sassy web surfer.

Everyday images are hand picked to show off the naughtiest of boys from the popular gay sex hook up site, Grindr. This is the type of site that gays use to impregnate their diseases of deep dish bare back pleasures into the minds of unsuspecting Google searching passerbyers. A young child might be looking for photos of Nazi bodies killed in WWII in the Bing image area and they will be unwillingly molested with imagery of men forcefully frockling their twink buddies dirty cyclops.

To prove that our review is NOT one sided and to show how vicious and unsafe this site is, even gay lifestyle journalist, Grindr frequenter and homo television super star, Aaron Heier, gives this website a “four limp” review, due to its graphic and overbearing homosexual nature. Sites like theses should be shut down for raping the web with digital gay terrorism.