Every child in America should have a hearty meal served to them at lunch as long as their parents are God fearing tax payers. If they are from a linage of people who think coyoting their way over to our great nation, the only thing they should be served is a hot plate of welfare denial with a tasty side of deportation. Now back to the worthy children. Gays have tried to sneak their fecal and tainted scented hands into the pants of young boys since their invention and will go to extreme lengths to get a chance at swindling your son into a dark lifestyle of sin filled gayness.

The newest ass assassin scheme is to feed children rectum in hopes of making them desire the taste of a sin soaked male sewer hole. Just think about it, while you think your son is taking a bite of tatter tots of digging into a sloppy Joe, they are really lapping up a mouthful of gay like ruffy that will for sure tickle their souls to crave copious amounts of manly musk.

In the photo below you can see our reports have snapped a shot of a new shipment sent to Hover Middle School.