Just look at it, look at the marinated sin factory of homoness that the gays are forcing into the bellies of our children. The gays are jamming handfuls of sugar plummed anal sin down the throats of children around America with their new twaddle stick shaped candies. With these new candies the gays are training little Timmy to crave the musky man taint of the local gay who prowls around the school yard looking for a victim whose mother is late to pick them up. Gays can now sit back and fantasize about man boy love sin docking while they watch children slam back mouthfuls of twiddle rompus fruitiness. The gays can now also place their tainty rainbow brainwashing tarts into vending machines across the country and pray that Franky and the gang build a fancy to maul on fondling Freddy’s meat banana.

If you’re an Obama voting mongoloid, you might ask “What is wrong with kids buying 100 pieces of penile sugar?”. Well to you I say, how would you like your son being the local gay communities dungeon boy? Do you want you son to be the center piece of the local Pride Club’s interracial anal slam fest? I didn’t think so. Just like all liberals they “support” the gays, but would kill their child if they knew they baby boy had a knack for candy sac.

To those who support this type of activity, just know there is a stake and a tank full of gasoline with your name on it if you come into my neck of the woods.